We are celebrating our 30th anniversary

From the first prototype assembled together in a garage to the creation of our millionth chair. Thirty unbelievable years have passed since the establishment of RIM and nowadays the company exports 150,000 chairs per year to every continent.

The founders Milan Nagy and Rudolf Fukal met each other in an airline production and after the Revolution they both desired to create their own business. However, the starting point of the company was a coincidence rather than a well thought out plan. Milan Nagy was searching for a desk chair for his wife. An unsatisfactory and limited selection lead both founders to a mutual decision to start their own production. In the 1991, the first prototype, inspired by a sample from the then popular magazine „Urob si sám“ („Do it yourself“), was created.

This particular moment in time still reminds us of the first prototype, still exhibited in the headquarters of the company – the garage has long been replaced with a production hall and from a single chair the production has increased to 150,000 pieces per year. Our range or products adapts to changes that occur within workspace and for this reason we gradually extend our offer with multiple variations of sitting furniture – from sofas and armchairs to stools. What remains is the emphasis on ergonomics, long lifespan of our products and the friendship of both co-founders.

To this day, more than 1.5 million chairs have been distributed from the production hall in Tlumačov to the world. They are used by people not only across Europe, but also for example in Tanzania and Mauritius. Dealerships with more than 500 agents is the key of this success. Except for Prague and Otrokovice, the RIM Company has showrooms also in Budapest and Vienna.

We cross frontiers of the Zlín Region also by cooperating with world-class designers. We received several international awards for them, for example the Red Dot, German Design Award or Good Design. The newest collection Muuna designed by Massimo Costaglia and Giulio Mazzanti became the absolute winner of „Nábytek roky 2021“ („Furniture of the year 2021“) organized by the Association of Czech furniture makers. In the same contest, our collection Organix designed by Kai Stania received an award for an exceptional design.

Over 30 years, the crucial point of success for both founders have been the relationships. They matter the most, our business is based on them. Because taking care of our relationships has led us to where we are now. Our thanks belong to our employees, our agents and partners and also to our customers.

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