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RIM CZ s.r.o. is a limited liability company that was founded in 1991. From the very outset, its area of business was the manufacture of office chairs. The company's philosophy in the area of healthy sitting and the application of knowledge based on intensive research in the field of ergonomics have had a strong influence on the company's development. Our mission is embodied in our motto "FOR HEALTHY SITTING" and our objective, which is to manufacture and sell chairs that help in creating and cultivating a healthy office environment.

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RIM CZ Objectives

To develop and bring at the market products, that satisfy customers in their technical solutions, design, price and quality.

Business Policy

  • RIM-CZ - distribution for European markets 
  • RIM-HK - Distribution for South-East Asia and USA 
  • RIM POINT - dealerships, authorized dealer RIM

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